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How to Choose Suitable Sibetter Mould Making Silicone for Different Products

As we all know, the hardness of the Sibetter mould making silicone rubbber ranges from below 0 shore A to 60 shore A, or higher. And if the hardness is not suitable, the silicone mould would meet some problems, such as the nondurable, less duplications times, thrinkage, ect.

Then how to choose the right items of Sibetter mould making silicone for different products?
Normally, different silicone rubber should be chosen according to different produucts’ features:

For example:

—-for products within 20cm

With intricaste design, soft silicone is suitable, such as 10~20 shore A.

—-for products of 20~80cm

With intricate designs, 20~250 shore A is suitable

With simpe designs, 25~30 shore A is suitale

—-for products of 80cm~150cm

With intricate designs, 30 shore A is suitable

With simple designs, 30~35 shore A is suitable


—-for products more than 150cm

With intricate designs, 30~35 shore A is suitable

With simple designs, 35~40 shore A is suitable

Also, if want to make mould by pouring way for some complex products to avoid the impacting of the mold line, then softer silicone rubber would be recommended, considering the problems of demould.

Anyway, above are only suggestions from Sibetter Silicone rubber that summarized from the sales experiences of more than 10 years. All would be decided by the practise situation. Hope this share will be helpful for you.

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